Madrid Teambuilding and Company Events

Madrid has some top and original venues for your company event and we have unrivalled experience and unbeatable contacts to find the best for your event.
We offer a great array of fun and challenging teambuilding events that will help to enhance your team and make for a memorable team trip to Madrid. Below are a selection of some of the more popular teambuilding events that can be enjoyed in Madrid and we will work with you for budget and expectations to ensure you have a memorable event.


Team Cuisine :
CarIf there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s that we like to eat. The Team Cuisine team building experience is a fun and effective way to bring diverse team members together, bond as a group and learn more about each other through food preparation, cooking and dining together. Working as a team, you get to prepare, enjoy a Spanish meal. The idea here is to combine ingredients, dishes and styles of food from around Spain onto one mouthwatering menu, to represent the diverse cultures and tastes of your participants. We focus on your group’s experience first, and then match the food to your specific event. Through the use of food preparation, your team will experience itself realisng their high potentials and understand themselves better collectively as a team. The final outcome is the realisation of the task accomplished: The conception, creation, and production of an exquisite Spanish banquet – without the aid of a proper kitchen, recipes or culinary training – in an extremely limited amount of time. This achievement, followed by the enjoyment of sharing a fine meal together, is a powerful metaphor to share with your team and to bring back to your work place.



Sangria Making and Marketing Challenge :
SangriaThis event begins with a fun, informative Wine Tasting and ends with a highly entertaining and competitive Sangria Making & Marketing Challenge. Our sommelier starts the program with a brief history of wine, followed by a tasting that incorporates aroma sticks to help identify key ingredients in each wine. Your group is then formed into teams that will become different wineries. Their assignment is to come up with a name and develop their own brand of Sangria. A brief history and definition of Sangria is explained, followed by a fun Trivia Contest which helps further educate your group about this wonderful beverage. Each team then picks a leader and heads to the marketplace to find the ingredients they want to make their own Sangria. They will also create a name for their product, design a logo for their label and aprons – and decorate their tables for their final presentation which includes a song or jingle they write and perform about their great new Sangria. Judging for taste, marketing and commercial jingle! Its an extremely fun and fast-paced team building event that encourages creativity, cooperation, experimentation.


Amazing Race :
RaceBased on the CBS TV show of the same name - you have the Madrid teambuilding version. The outline is the same with team challenges throughout thr route that you have been given as you try and navigate your way around the city to reach your final destination. Race is against the clock and teams need to think strategy as they plan a route to accumalate points within a given time and still arrive first and with the most points. Adrenalin vs cunning - Speed vs guile! Makes for a great competitive teambuilding event.


Paella Competition :
PaellaWith so many different kinds of Paella to choose this is an ideal gastro teambuilding activity that participants can really appreciate. With so many ingredients to choose and with the time it takes - this is is fun relaxed competition at its best - more communal fun as over a slow cook as the teams prepare their Spanish feast.


Almodovar Movie Challenge :
DrummingMadrid´s famous son is your inspiration for the taking the Madrid Oscars for your team. First you brainstorm a movie theme - then the storyboard as we give you the tools to make your masterpiece. Typically a short movie of 5-10 minutes duration with edited dialogue and await the standing ovation as your screening gala also doubles as the Oscar night to remember! Its a fun day as you find locations, write screenplay and see the finished results added with music and a screen showing for all to choose the best by categories or overall winner.


Drumming up a team! :
DrummingOur drumming leader will tap your team’s creative energy while tying the music to your company’s purpose and content. As participants arrive, each is provided with a drum or percussion instrument. The group sits in a circle and together participates in a variety of facilitated activities. As the group rhythm builds, the leader uses metaphors to illustrate how everyone’s input contributes to making music together. Key points include the concepts of listening, community building, connecting, and having fun. Drumming Up a Team is a great opportunity for participants to exercise communication skills as they tap into a common energy that breaks down social barriers and inspires unity. It’s impossible not to become engaged. The rhythm will draw you in!


Build Bond and Boost - Soup Kitchen :
SoupkitchenA unique opportunity to “Build, Bond, & Boost” through service to others. This initiative offers an opportunity to volunteer in the Kitchen/Dining Hall serving over 200 homeless in Madrid a hot lunch. Through this experience, volunteers will also have a chance to: Bond with those in need, Boost their spirit of self-worth and Build a world of possibility and hope. This initative benefits the corporation, the employees and the community


Team Flamenco :
FlamencoAn original and fun record activity set in the legendary Flamenco school of Madrid where after your introduction to the genre and some elementary arm/foot and body work you are placed in your teams to give the best performance. Judged by top dance professionals for a memorable and different team day


Get the Picture?
3 starSome of the greatest works of art were painted by Spanish artists and we take you on historical journey that will give a real sense of what has inspired Spaniards over the generations and which will now inspire you to paint your own canvass according to the guidelines set down and with the help of your teammates to make a truly inspiring work!


Taurine Challenge
3 starIf you are thinking that bullfighting has nothing to do with teambuilding - think again! Decision making in the face of perceived danger. The little understood but fascinating world of the bullfighte where you will have a unique insight into their world and are given a masterclass on the skills involved complete with your own challenges and team activities in the bullring.


Team Chocolatier
5 starOverview To kick off this team building challenge, the group will be divided and given a golden ticket containing their chocolate mission statement and target market segment. Each team will need to create a box of chocolates for a section of the consumer market; they will be expected to develop a brand identity, marketing slogan and eye-catching packaging as part of an exciting team building challenge. The Team Chocololatier workshop includes: Roll and dip your own truffles in a variety of delicious toppings Create amazing molded chocolates How to produce fillings like coconut, apricot and raspberry All you need to know about piping, shaping and coating How to package your handiwork for maximum “wow factor” Understand the chocolate process from bean to bar Why today’s varietal chocolates are becoming wildly popular.


Bubble Football
bubble football This is football with a twist, where team strategy is more important than the ability to play football. Teams will be formed and take part in a football match, where the aim will be to score as many goals as possible. So far so normal. However, each player will be wearing a large bubble which makes movement a little more difficult and allows for some interesting confrontations as players bump into each other and try to knock over their opponents.  Bubble football is fun, entertaining and allows companies to relax and unwind after a seminar or meeting. Furthermore, it is completely safe as the bubbles are strong and any impacts from collisions are not noticed.


Treasure Hunt
Team buildingAnd Madrid has some real riches to be discovered for our dilligent scavenger teams who discover a Madrid even the locals dont know! We offer GPS and Tablet versions as well as enhanced routes for themes as well as with added participants and actors to bring the challenge to life.


Madrid Olympic Bid!
Madrid ConciergeMadrid has failed three times in a row to win the bid - so back to the drawing boards and lets make a bid to put Madrid in the centre of the sporting world. You are split into teams each tasked with finding specific pieces of information that will need to be presented as part of your bid to our panel of Olympic judges.