Passion for Flamenco



Flamenco Extravaganza

Flamenco may have hailed from Andalucia but Madrid has established itself as its leading centre. We offer you a unique insight into this most Iberian of dances in one of the country´s leading flamenco dance studios - and tought by a leading English speaking dancer and teacher.Its a great opportunity to learn something about this most little understood dance form in one of the great centres of flamenco life - far from your tourist map! After you can enjoy a drink with your teacher in one of the local bars - Later we take you to one of the capitals hidden jewels of flamenco performances where you can sit back and enjoy spectacular "tablao" with local dancers and singers whilst enjoying a full 3 course dinner with excellent wines



Flamenco Dance Classes

An experienced English speaking flamenco dancer and teacher will give you a fun 90 minute class,showing you all the moves as well as giving you a unique insight into the world of flamenco. After you can enjoy a glass of sangria with your teacher in one of the nearby flamenco bars.The class takes place in one of the best flamenco dance studios in Spain, where you will see for yourself other dancers and afficionados of this most Iberian dance form. This is best combined with the flamenco dinner.

Classes are either one or two hours in duration and include after a complimentary Sangria and tapas with your flamenco teacher in one of the nearby by bars.




Flamenco Dinner and show

The "tablaos" are popular restaurants where you can enjoy live flamenco performances whilst enjoying an excellent dinner. We take you to one of Madrid´s most highly regarded. Under 10 years old, it has firmly established itself as a tablao of quality - with many dancers and preformers from other tablaos choosing to go there to watch performances.There are two shows a night and we recommend the latter at 10pm so as to enjoy an authentic flamenco Madrid night out!

Includes priority seating ,welcome sangria followed by 3 course dinner with all wine & Flamenco show