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SpaThe Madrid bullfighting season runs between March and October - with the epicentre being the Festival of San Isidro ( Patron saint of Madrid) in May, which is celebrated with bullfights every evening at Las Ventas bullring. An afternoon in the sun watching this unique display courage and skill is an experience you wont forget. We can provide with tickets or a fully guided evening that starts in a bullfighting bar, where the fight ritual, costumes and nuances are explained, so that when you enter you are know when to applaud and when to whistle…and why to bring a white hankerchief. Afterwards a treat for real red meat lovers as we go to one of the cities most celebrated eateries where the meat is brought daily from the abatoir of Las Ventas bullring. A truly delicious 3 course dinner with generous quantities of excellent red wine.

Ventas tickets range widely in price depending on fightcard and festival. Prices from 30 to 150 Euros inc courier delivery.

“ It was like being in the Colloseum of Rome only alive! It was so good having Jose there to explain the rituals and moves otherwise we would have been baffled as I suspect most tourists are - a great experience for us.

Peter DeHavilland


Las Ventas Tours


If you are interested in learning about the history, culture and forms of bullfighting,we take you on a guided tour of the famous Las Ventas bullring,where you can walk around the inside of the ring,and imagine for yourself the charging one ton bull. Visit to the muesum and behind the scenes including the abatoir. After your guide will take you to a famous bullfighting eatery for wine and tapas