Golf Pro Day  

 We offer you the best and best left in the words of Ewen Murray (Sky Sports Lead Golf Commentator)
GolfCoaching a top tour player is no easy job. You know they are blessed with a huge amount of natural talent and on their day can produce outstanding golf. You can become too involved, then you live and breathe every shot they hit. The highs are way up there and the lows are a long ways down. Jason Floyd is one of these tour player coaches, and he will know what I have just described, to the letter. I have no hesitation in saying Jason is one of the most intelligent young coaches in golf today, one who has moved on from bygone days and into the modern era. If you are serious about taking your game to another level, and prepared to put in the work
required to achieve that goal, then turn right and go down that road with Jason. His work ethic will match yours at its strongest". Ewen Murray

For pricing and further information on our Pro Golf Clinic Price is upon application and places are limited.


"Jason’s professional approach has been appreciated by all of us....."

Leopoldo Fernandez Pujals. President of Jazztel - Jazz Telecom.S.A