Day Excursions from Madrid

Excursion to Segovia

SegoviaAn outstanding day excursion to one of the most important towns of Old Castille - Roman aqueducts dating back 2000 years, the great fortress of the Alcazar and Cathedral - to top it all some of the finest gastronomy in the region.


“A fascinating day trip - all the more impressive because it was so unexpected.I will be back!

William Carter-Jones.


El Escorial and the Valley of the Fallenshooting

The forbidding Monastery fortress of El Escorial is one of the most impacting buildings in Enrope and certainly one of the most famous sites in Spain. Built by Felipe II and magnificently preserved.
A few miles away lie the Valle De Los Caídos (Valley of the Fallen) a monument built by Republican prisoners after the Civil War under orders from the victor General Franco as a permenant memorial to the fallen of both sides. In reality, it is more a memorial to the General and his regime. Franco is buried here alongside the fascist leader José Antonio Prima De Vera. It still attracts homages from those Spaniards whose sympathies lie there.


Excursion to Toledo

The Visigoth Kingdom of Toledo with its namesake capital was one of the most important cities in the Peninsular and where Jewish, Moorish and Christian cultures once lived together in relative harmony until the brutal expulsion and forced conversion of non Christians that followed the fall of Granada to the Catholic Kings in 1492. This walled city has an impressive number of sites to see from ancients churches, the Gothic cathedral, the imposing Alcazár and the great works of El Greco that are sc. Toledo


Excursion to Chinchon

Chinchon - this wonderfully preserved medieval town famous for its anis drink and grear roast foods. We take you on a trip to remember - an hours drive from Madrid and we find ourselves transported through time. There are some excellent eateries, and beautiful countryside en route. If the fiestas are on you can enjoy the bullfights and all night parties to keep you going till dawn Chinchon